I'm a qualified commercial drone operator with my permissions for the civil aviation authority.

I'm always looking for ways to help my videography work to stand out and in recent years a huge development in the world of video production and photography has been the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles as they are also known.

After seeing a few incredible videos online I purchased a drone for myself straight away.  I've been flying drones since mid-2014 and combining my cinematic eye for a shot and the incredible freedom of movement they provide I have been in love with the technology.

Drones are very simple to operate and if you haven't flown one, most people within 5 minutes you would be flying fairly confidently.    

There is a lot of training and testing that goes on before you will be granted your permissions from the CAA to fly commercially.  Operating a drone commercially involves a significant amount of planning to ensure safe, legal flights are made.  

As with regular video production and photography, the most important element is the person behind the camera or this case the flying camera.  I bring my creative expertise, vision and incredibly high technical expectations to my aerial video work.