Specialist long-term time-lapse service in Scotland

Time-lapse is the best way to capture a construction project to show a complete start to finish.

At Inspire Video I can provide long-term time lapse solutions that can be mounted securely in remote locations that rely entirely on solar power for complete reliability - even in Scotland.

My systems are completely weather resistant and also use a data sim card for regular status updates with images for peace of mind and to allow an immediate reaction should any issues arise at any point during the project.

The systems use DSLR cameras that provide complete flexibility with lens choice - fisheye, wide-angle and telephoto. DSLR cameras also offer professional quality images with low noise, high dynamic range and high megapixel.

Prices from £550 per month (based on a 12 month hire). Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and receive a quote for your project.


 The example below was captured over 5 months and documented the tennis courts renovation at Craiglockhart in Edinburgh - the home of Tennis Scotland.  This project was captured by two time-lapse cameras and the final shot showing all the courts was captured using a drone.


The example video below was captured over 3 months documenting the complete process of renovating a hockey pitch at Edinburgh University. 


 The example below was captured over 4 months documenting the work at Livingston football stadium as they changed their grass pitch for a synthetic one.


The example video below was captured over 9 days from my office window the document the snow storm known as the Beast from the East.  It also demonstrates my ability to shoot through glass without reflections.