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Hi, my name is Adam and there really isn't anything I love more than capturing life's special moments - ok I guess I love my gorgeous daughters Elizabeth and Charlotte and my wonderful wife Pam more but it comes in second!

Filmmaking and photography are my life.  I absolutely love being on the cutting edge of technology which makes this a very exciting (and expensive) industry to be in as camera technology is moving fast!


I love learning, developing, and refining new skills which is obviously important to stay on top of the competition and ensure my clients are getting the very best results. I originally studied photography for 2 years back in 2002 before moving into video production, I've always had a great eye for a shot and I feel it has always hugely benefitted my filmmaking.  One thing that isn't likely to change though is the fact I personally feel uncomfortable when someone else is filming or photographing me - if I'm aware it's happening.  I'm constantly aware of how aware people are of me while seeking out wonderful moments to capture, this has developed an approach that gets fantastic, natural results in any situation.  


I film around 40 weddings a year of all sizes which has allowed me to truly specialise and focus a huge amount of my attention on shooting wedding films.  

For those of you who want to know a few things about me that aren't wedding video related I enjoy cycling, running, basketball, gardening, playing guitar, hill walking and of course, spending time with my wonderful family.


A fellow videographer asked me recently what my favourite thing in the world to film is and I said my family a bit to his surprise.  Capturing the precious moments in my life means so much to me it makes me feel very fulfilled to be able to do the same for my clients on one of the most important days of their lives.

Below is a short behind-the-scenes video I shot during a week in March 2024 to show a little of what goes on behind the camera

our wedding inspire.jpg
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