Live streaming service

Wedding Live Stream

With numbers limited at weddings and events live streaming is a fantastic option to share your event live with an unlimited number of people.  

I have been live streaming extensively since 2020 and invested heavily in both my live streaming equipment and skills.  Most videographers have started offering some form of live streaming service but I can proudly say I have gone well above and beyond most and truly embraced it as a major part of my business - I have extra grey hairs to prove it!  I have been live streaming around 1 to 3 events every week since 2020 and amassed a huge amount of experience and expertise which is critical to running a professional service where reliability and quality is key.

In full HD using high quality cameras and wireless sound your stream will be of the highest quality.  For weddings I would typically use 4 camera angles during the ceremony and speeches.  Corporate events/presentations can be a combination of camera and computer feed to display slideshows/videos etc.  There are many, many options I can offer for a fully integrated service for the room and the stream.

I can operate without mains power or a supplied internet connection as I can run entirely from batteries and provide my own internet connection to help ensure a reliable live stream.

Please get in touch for a quote for your wedding, event, presentation or whatever else you are interested in live streaming.

house of dun live streaming ceremony wed

Funeral Live Stream

Weddings and corporate events etc can generally be postponed if you want to wait until you can have everyone there in person, with funeral services we don't have that option.

A funeral service is an incredibly important event and it's great we have the technology available to allow everyone to attend virtually.  I provide a high-quality multi-camera streaming service complete with professional quality audio so everyone will have the closest experience to being there possible.  

I can provide anything from a very high-quality single-camera live stream with fully mixed audio sources all the way up to integrating video and slideshows being presented to both the room and the live stream at the same time.  Whatever your requirements are I can offer you very high quality, cost-effective solutions.

I have a separate website for my funeral live-streaming service which you can find here -

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