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Other Work

Corporate Video

You can find out about all my non-wedding related video production work here

Time Lapse

I have experience working on all sorts of time-lapse projects. Find out more information here 


I have been a photographer as long as I have been a videographer, find out more 


I have been operating drones since 2014 and have a lot of experience, find out more

Corporate Video

I will include all my video production work that isn't wedding related in this category.  I have been filming corporate video since 2009 and over the years I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful clients.  Below you can find some examples of my video work along with a list of a few clients you may have heard of.  For more information please visit my corporate video website or get in touch.

Corporate video
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Time Lapse

Time lapse

I offer a range of time-lapse services including multi-camera long term time-lapse installations and multi-axis motion time-lapse.  The long-term time-lapses can be remote and operate using a combination of batteries and solar for power.  They can also be set up to provide daily updates and remote image transfer for project monitoring.  I can also perform 10ft motion time-lapse movements that work vertically as well as horizontally.  

More coming soon

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